Felt like I had a good enough camp that I should

Evil teams up with Goldmember to build a tractor beam so he can ransom the Earth by threatening to pull a giant meteor out of the sky. Good chunks of the film are spent on running franchise gags that even the characters seem tired of. “Oh this is very familiar.

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Innovate they did. The gold “Statement” jersey was the first time the team had used that color as the primary color on a jersey in the team’s history, even though the color had been used by the team since 1974. And the “City” jersey, well, that was just a wild departure.

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I mean it was frustrating, Bighill said Thursday in Winnipeg, his first day on the field as a member of the Blue Bombers after signing a one year deal with the team on Sunday. Felt like I had a good enough camp that I should have been on the roster the entire year. You looked at my play, you looked at the film, you looked at what I did, me, everyone else pretty much would have said, he on the roster for sure.

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